Ramshackle is a highly acclaimed four-piece band based
in Bend, Oregon. The group is fronted by guitarists
Mark Ransom and David Bowers, also both prolific
solo singer/songwriters. With funk-schooled Tyler Mason
on bass, and the uber drumming of Peter Sussmann,
Ramshackle transcends the traditional rock band paradigm,
creating hypnotic dance grooves overlain by Ransoms deft
melody lines and Bowers overdriven slide guitar.

Drawing from influences as diverse as Seventies funk,
the Allman Brothers, Uncle Tupelo, and Liz Phair,
Ramshackle also manages to reflect the unique high desert
community they come from. It is a band created in part by popular
demand from the community of Bend, where geographic isolation,
low humidity, and micro brews have contributed in the cultivation
of an amalgamation of indigenous music.

Ramshackle @ The Domino Room Feb 8, 2005
Live Sound Bytes:

North Central Town (MP3)

The Kiss (MP3)



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