Mark Ransom and The Mostest


December 5, 2012 - Winter Tour 2012
The poster for the upcoming Mostest Tour through the Rockies shows a skeleton skiing through fresh powder in a mushroom forest. Older jam-band fans might catch the allusions to the Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers respectively, but even without that frame of reference, the art is sure to catch the eye of the outdoorsy, upbeat tribe that Mark Ransom's band, The Mostest, attracts. » Read More

January 3, 2011 - Mark Ransom - Music Mayor of Bend
By Laurel Brauns
I met Mark long before I moved to Bend: I was passing through town on a tour and my buddy Meghan brought me into his coffee shop on Galveston... » Read More

April 3, 2010 - Source Weekly - Happy Birthday Mr. Music
At 40 Mark Ransom tells us how and why he keeps Bend's local music scene cranking... » Read More

October 5, 2009 - Letter from the Oregon State House...
Praise from the Oregon Sate House of Representatives for Mark Ransom's four-year journey to build the Bend Roots Revival... » Read the letter

October 2, 2009 - Bend Bulletin
Roots Rocks! A Photographic Tour of the 2009 Bend Roots Reivival... » See more

October 1, 2009 - The Source - Rooted at the Revival
A Recap of the 2009 Bend Roots Revival... There was a moment at the Bend Roots Revival... » Read on

September 25, 2009 - Go Magazine

Bend Roots Revival Cover Story... » Check it out

May 15, 2009 - The Bend Bulletin -The Spice of Life - Mostest CD Release Story
There's really only one rule regarding the multifacited local band The Mostest... » Read on

March 18, 2009 - Letter from Oregon State Representative Judy Stiegler
Praise from Oregon Houes of Representatives for the team of Ransom and Pearsall and thier Music Education Outreach in Bend... » See the Letter

March 11, 2009 -The Bend Bulletin -A Guitar and a Song
Musicans Mark Ransom and Patrick Pearsall find teaching guitar at Westside Village Magnet School rewarding... » Read on

February, 2008 - Bend Film Photo
Westiside Village Roots Rock Band performing at the Tower Theater in Bend - Some of Ransom's middle school music students had the opportunity to pertorm at the historic Tower Theater in Bend as part of the Bend Film Festival's screening of Girls Rock, --an independent film about an all-girls Rock Band Camp near Portland, Oregon... » See the photo

September 13, 2007 - Bend Roots Year Two
An unofficial guide to the second annual festival... » Read on

May 24, 2007 - The Source - Music Issue
The Mostest CD -
Singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Ransom and friends (Patrick Pearsall on Bass, Tony Houston on drums, and a trio of guest players) keep the groove train rollin' with the Mostest's nine-song, self titled debut... » Read on

April, 2007 - Go Magazine - The Mostest CD Release
Mark Ransom and The Mostest celebrate their first CD release. Some folks have a complicated story about how they ended up in Bend. Mark Ransom? Not so much. "When I was leaving Colorado - when I just finished college - someone said to me and my cousin, 'You guys should move to Bend, Oregon and start a band... » Read on

January , 2007 - Crested Butte Weekly
Mark Ransom brings a Soulful Acoustic Gratification to Crested Butte. "I', a songwriter." Mark Ransom states this point in matter-of-fact manner when I ask him to characterize his musical fashion... » Read on

April, 2006 Cascade A&E reviews Champion of Mystery
Upon first listen, one can almost smell the nag champa coming through the melting speakers. Is this The Joy of Cooking or Jefferson Starship? Truth is, Champion of Mystery is really more than... » Read on

February, 2006 Bend Oregon
Bond Street Records Releases Funky Concept Album Steeped in Mountain-Culture Mythology. » Read on

January 14, 2005 The Bend Bulletin
Balancing His Beat: Ransom buys new life with sale of old one.
Local singer/songwriter Mark Ransom is on a quest: to grow his music career without leaving the mountains he loves. » Read on

January 6, 2005 The Source Weekly
Show and Tell: First word on Ramshackle
The few, the comfortable and the well dressed treated themselves to much luxury this New Years Eve, including a slice of local music history » Read on

Winter, 2002 Cascade A&E reviews Stride
Local singer/songwriter Mark Ransom has finally released his long awaited solo album with a full cast of all-star local musicians to back him up. » Read on

July 28, 1999 The Source Weekly: Best Local Musician
For the second year in a row Mark Ransom won the approval of music fans in the Central Oregon community » Read on

July 4, 1999
23 years after Steve Miller recorded Fly Like an Eagle in a Seattle studio, the Rhythm Beans, a Northwest-based folk and rock band dust off some of the same equipment as part of a project for the Art institute of Seattle... » Read on

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