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July 4, 1999; Bend, Oregon

MP3 AND DONATED TIME TURN CLASS PROJECT INTO INDIE LABEL RELEASE. Historic Recording Equipment and The Latest In MP3 Distribution Combine To Create Unique Blend of Old and New Technology.

23 years after Steve Miller recorded Fly Like an Eagle in a Seattle studio, the Rhythm Beans, a Northwest-based folk and rock band dust off some of the same equipment as part of a project for the Art institute of Seattle. The result is "Ocean in the Air," a ten-song album of original material by the Rhythm Beans, released in MP3 format by the fledgling Bond Street Records. The album, released June, 1999, is the Rhythm Beans' first studio recording and the second by the band's guitarist and singer Mark Ransom.

"Ocean In The Air" began as donated time for a three-song educational project for the Art Institute of Seattle. In addition to their coursework, recording engineer students at AIS log several hours in the studio creating a portfolio required for graduation. Most students utilize bands from the prolific Seattle club scene to produce about three songs that show the student's proficiency in studio techniques and provide the band with a demo tape.

Linken Olsen, the AIS student working with the Rhythm Beans, an established Northwest band, convinced the band to stay in the studio long enough to record about a dozen songs. "I had access to a full studio, and a band with considerable recording experience willing to absorb the extra costs not covered by the school," said Olsen. "It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for a student to be in that position. I really wanted to take advantage of it..."

"Our original intention was to donate our time in exchange for a chance to work out some song arrangements in the studio," said Mark Ransom of the Rhythm Beans. "But once we started, we were blown away by Linken's talent and with the sound we got out of the old, two-inch analog set-up. The fact that Steve Miller recorded "Fly Like an Eagle" on the same machine added some nostalgia to the project too."

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