Mark Ransom and The Mostest

The Rhythm Beans "Ocean in the Air" Lyrics

Friday Harbor
Five daimonds and a platinum ring
You said yes at the break of dawn
Bad coffee in Seattle
Just South of Isle San Juan

He drove us to the ferry
We packed what we could carry
Floated to our island
Friday Harbor for the weekend

Could it be that peace is bought
With money and success?
Against all that I've been taught
How should consciousness progress?
They say a man of leisure
Well he's workin' all the time
I'm just a simple man
I've got Friday Harbor on my mind

There's a place so full of peace
Only emptiness resides
I worked as hard as I could last week
And then I laughed so hard I cried

On the island there is a rhythm
With every setting sun
Fresh oysters for all my friends
Friday Harbor for the weekend

Is there freedom
Or are we shackled by our hearts
I think I found life's meanin'
Sippin' scotch smokin' cigars

Do you know where eagles fly
When refuge is forsaken?
They glide across the blue-gray sky
To Friday Harbor for the weekend


Practice What You Preach
They say I'm crazy
All for wantin' you to be
What do they know baby
What do they really know about me?
Time will buy me time
Time will buy you time to cheat
And I know baby... It's tough to practice what you preach

It's early Sunday mornin'
You know you're talkin' in your sleep
Time and time again
We find this river runnin' deep
Even though I love you so
This space my faith can't leap
And you know baby... It's tough to practice what you preach

I don't want your money
I don't want your wine
Don't want your trouble
I don't want your time

Now I see your lips
They say that talk is cheap
Funny how it is All for wantin' you to be
Someday maybe
You'll love the friend in me
And I know baby It's tough to practice what you preach


Holistic Sanctuary
Up in the hills
Not so far away from here
There's a place
That's always crystal clear
Look down the valley
When you're standin high above

This is a place
Where you can hide away from things
Look ahead at days to come
Sit by yourself
And you're thinkin' all alone

Blue sky sunshine
Walkin' away |
Never knowin'
Which way I'm goin'
Remember tomorrow's
A brand new day
It might be sunny
It might be snowin'

Another day in paradise
The waves are crashin' on the beach
Song-bird singin' out
A melody so sweet
Oh so sweet
I can hear the trade winds
Beginnin' to blow
The ocean boils
As the sleeping giant snores
Here comes the rain
Here comes the rain

Kilealoha I want to go
Where the skies are full of rainbows
And the beaches are made of gold
Kilealoha I want to know
How can the rain feel like sunshine
Shinin' on my soul?

High upon a mountain
Above this garden isle
I lay and wait for my goddess-bride
To bring me back to life
Before the daylight hides

She calls upon kahuna
And gods far and wide
To work some ancient magic
Suspend the sun up in the sky
She saves me from the night
She saves me from the night


Winds Of Change
Fortune girl she came to me
With her head up in the sky
I hope you aim to please
Cause boy I'm ready to fly

She took my hand
I looked into her eye
A cold, dark stare
There ain't no use in cryin'
But boy you better beware

The winds of change...
They're gonna carry you away
Keep your mind from knowin'
The winds of change...
You know I think they're here to stay
Look at them leaves they keep on blowin'
Look at them leaves they keep on blowin'

Fortune girl she came into a dream
And promised me the world
For life and love and the Lord above
It was a world I hadn't known

And fortune girl she challenged me
Just like some ancient game
To fall from grace and love a place
Where nothin' stays the same


Ocean In The Air
A wave with it's back to the beach
Gathers moisture from the greenfields and the foothills
Arching forward over volcanos
So much faster than a glacier

The ocean in the air
Frozen water
White-froth sea foam
Falling down in protected valleys
Drowns the spaces between our homes
In this little mountain town

A cloud bank swells as the front gusts
Wind streams over the continent
Then our subtle expected guest
Appears above the summit

Laden from the vast expanse-the sun
A gradual burden it becomes
A current collects
Ascends to the crest
Surging beyond the apex
And floats slowly to the surface


My Best Friend
Hey hey little sister
I've been thinkin' of you
I've got some information
Thought maybe you could use
Over the telephone line
You say you're fine
But you've been cryin' again
And when you took his hand
You didn' know you'd be livin' In the shadow of my best friend

My best friend
He really cares for you
And he's a lover not a fighter
He'd never ever lay a hand on you
But sometimes
In the absence of his mind
He feels solemn inside
And he doesn't know why
Why why why why you cry

The heaviness of his heart
Will make you strong
If you don't fall apart
And when your light shines on him
You'll be livin' in the shadow
Of my best friend

Secure a lifetime of devotion
With a ring
Hook your emotion to the day
And let the games begin

Have a little laugh
Have a little cry
Speak your mind
Learn to sing
Give yourself a chance
To give yourself to him

And when his dreams are all on fire
He moves like a shooting star
Across the night sky


Through The Night
I caught on a couple years back
And he helped me get on track
Opened the door
Pulled the curtain
He helped me see the light

He had so much to give
He played the music that made them live
He helped them through the night
Everything's gonna be all right

All across the world
The captain lead them on
A million shinnin' faces
They all loved
To hear him sing his songs


I'm The One
It's rainin' in my head again
I've got a million things to do
And you're over there again
Why does your love got to be so blue?
Be so blue

They say that the wise man smiles
When he's lost what he can lose
And I might be a fool
For my fear of loosin' you
So if you find you love somebody
Better than you love me
I will give to you the rose of my heart
Sing you love songs till you see
I'm the one

Everybody's got advice to give
About how this world should be
And I've got my life to live
Another gig-lovesong-philosophy

Now you're afraid of the dark
And the thought of dreamin' alone
And I didn't call I didn't write
But I'm makin' my way back home
So if you feel like you're fallin'
And you don't know if you're asleep
I will fall forever with you my love
Until you finally see
I'm the one

The day is Kind Of Blue again
And all our words are spoken
But I've got dinner on the stove
For when you crack that bottle open
Better crack it open

Every sip we savor
Miles between us we are one
As the soul of another day
Writes this song of love's wisdom
So if you fear you've got the blues
And you can't seem to find a friend
I'll sing for you another lovesong baby
And wish for you to see the end
I'm the one


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