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The Rhythm Beans "Ocean in the Air"

Rhythm beans -Combining the craft of thoughtful songwriting with the energy of a live bluegrass or jazz performance, the Rhythm Beans bring together a variety of influences under one musical philosophy: spirited interplay between friends! Each instrument (acoustic guitar, mandolin and bass fiddle) has a unique "voice" that compliments the others--sometimes through contrast, sometimes in harmony. Good ears, trusty hands, and a clear path are trademarks of the Rhythm Beans' sound. Song themes visit snowy seclusion, changing times, restless spirits, and real friends. Enjoy their new CD, "Ocean in the Air" and catch the Beans live at your local hideaway.

Check out songs from The Bean's first CD "Friday Harbor" -2.8mb, "Winds of Change" -4.3mb and "My Best Friend" -3.8mb available for download in MP3 format (right click on the link and choose Save As to download to your hard drive).

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