Mark Ransom and The Mostest

Mark Ransom - "Man of my word"

Mark Ransom - Man of my word Fresh and familiar, the music of Mark Ransom strikes a chord with all kinds of music lovers. Man of My Word, Mark's first release, presents an eclectic style that layers bits of pop, bluegrass and jazz onto a down-home "soul-folk" foundation.

This album, above all else, showcases Mark's talent as a lyricist and storyteller. Drawing on themes of growth, relationships, and realization, Mark's songs evoke images that tell an acoustic tale of true human nature. Heartfelt, thoughtful songwriting is the true star of this record.

Check out songs from Mark's first CD "You Girl" -3.1mb, "Generation Angst Situation" -3.4mb and "Soapbox Queen" -3.6mb available for download in MP3 format (right click on the link and choose Save As to download to your hard drive).

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