The Mostest - "Zara Dreams"

Zara Dreams Mostest
Zara Dreams Mostest
Zara Dreams is a collection of eleven new original songs from Mark Ransom & the Mostest including two co-writes with Virginia-based lyricist Mark Fesche (God Bless The Taco Stand).
Anchored by core members of The Mostest Music Collective including Lindsey Elias (drums), Shireen Amini (percussion and vocals) and Julianne Southwell (violin), the production team of [bassist] Patrick Pearsall, [songwriter/guitarist] Mark Ransom, and [engineer/producer] Linken Olsen has created an original work of art, rhythmic and thick with texture.
On Zara Dreams (Ransom's seventh effort in the studio and The Mostest's third release since the band's inception in 2006) drummers Elias and Amini are joined by percussionist Dale Largent (Taarka/Moon Mt. Ramblers) to create what Ransom calls "...a wide-spectrum, polyrhythmic music bed, and common thread running through the songs."
Guitarist Gabe Johnson lends a hand evoking vintage Steely vinyl on tracks one and two; while later in the record the soulful piano lines of Scott Hersh weave in and out of three part harmonies constructed with Southwell's violin, Amini's voice and the melodies of woodwind master Marcello Bernardes. The feel of Zara Dreams is uniquely orchestral.
Lyrically, song themes move from romantic to divine love and loss; and look at the longing of humans, the nature of karmic retribution, and Ransom's enduring quest to live well in the high mountains of the West.
For a preview of the new CD click here to listen to Wyoming Song, The Gift or Livin Proof

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