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Masala Mostest

Masala Mostest
Masala Mostest
"Masala Mostest" - Funky Americana with World Music Overtones (From the folks who brought you the cult-classic, God Bless the Taco Stand!)

Welcome the second CD release from one of Bend, Oregon's favorite bands, and one of the area's most enduring and prolific songwriters, Mark Ransom and The Mostest.

One of six full-length albums Ransom has put out in the last decade, Masala Mostest is both a return to his acoustic roots (1998's Man of My Word/ the Rhythm Beans 1999 title Ocean in the Air); and also a departure from the older paradigm.

Singer-songwriter, ethno-musicoligist, and virtuoso hand-percussionist Shireen Amini provides the back-beat for this Mostest quartet; as well as the soaring vocal harmonies highlighted throughout the CD.

Furthering the World Music vibe on the new album Julianne Southwell brings India-steeped violin melodies to several Mostest originals and a host of covers which freequently appear in their live set: songs from JJ Cale, Marvin Gaye and The Rolling Stones to name a few.

"We wanted to capture the essence of a live Mostest show, and also showcase our acoustic set," says bassist Patrick Pearsall, Ransom's good friend and musical partner in the band.

Much of Masala Mostest (thirteen songs in all) was recorded live at Black Butte Ranch and Parrilla Grill which gives the disc a very ambiant feel --complete with crowd noise and little bits of humor.

Mostest song themes continue to visit snowy seclusion and real friends. As seeking the good life is the goal for the band, the Mostest outlook is once again optomistic: another fun-in-the-sun feel-good record for the summer of 2009!

Sample the following audio to get a taste of Masala Mostest. Check out One More Wave, Pray for the Light, and What's Goin On - Click to play.

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