Mark Ransom and The Mostest

Mark Ransom - "Champion of Mystery" Lyrics

Champion Of Mystery written by Mark Ransom
Willy left the midwest on a mission to break the code
Now he doesn’t do espianage anymore
Did a little time in utah for the crime of being blamed
Lived in the hills with the movie stars and he changed his name

Willy you’re the champion
The champpion of mystery
Willy you’re the champion
The champion of mystery

He moved to Mendocino playin’ in the band
Willy got busted and learned the hard way again
Now he thinks of walkin Mary back in Colorado
And hums the melody of someone else’s song

Now Willy works in Washington for the C.I.A.
And he doesn’t care what anybody says
He left the midwest on a mission to break the code
Now he doesn’t do espianage anymore

In The City written by Mark Ransom
Another winning streak for me
Open up the door unlock me with a key
Another day another dollar burned
Another chance for me to dream

Oh now sammy boy how could you lock the door
Now that all the world is yours
Yes i’m sure you’ll make alot of friends
And i’m sure they’ll be with you until the end
I hear they love to see you smile
When you’re livin’ in the city

I took a ride out around the Bend
Rolled over the promise land
And ran into a couple of friends
I saw a peace sign
Mountains risin high on the otherside

Now Eddie’s got a steady job
Livin in new york city
Got a big apple stuck in his eye
Hoppin on a freight train
He’s headed for the fast lane
Some kind of successful revered rich guy
I hear that passion has it’s price
When you’re livin in the city

I see you’ve got a wife now
Pretty pretty girl
Makin’ her way makin’ you shine
Don’t think twice now
You’re livin that city life now
Takin’ a real estate class on the side
I hear that life can be allright
Livin in the city


Life is Good written by Mark Ransom
This song ain’t about the blues despite my desperation
To dig deep and sift through all the layers of my heart
I thought it’d be easier to do I’m so glad I met you
Write a record of sad songs if I could but with you in my life
With you in my life with you in my life my life is good
My life is good my life is good

I try to understand the blues as an artform
Soul singer down on his knees walked over with his heart torn
Doesn’t try to express his deepest loneliness
And I’d be lying if I sang a song
About the shoes in which he stood
With you in my life with you in my life
my life is good


Muse of Creativity written by Mark Fesche and Mark Ransom
You see purple leaves and I believe you
Your eyes are the color of icebergs under water
You have the power to see unseen hues
Through those Antarctic blues

Cryptic soul mystic spirit
A passion so pure I’ve got to be near it
You have the power to inspire me
The muse of creativity

You re-invent velvet re-create velour
Re-define silk and sometimes leather
You have the power to weave like a loom
Fabrics as magic as the moon

I love to feel your warm breath on my frozen ear
You whisper as if it matters
If only for intimate affect
Your voice breathing in patterns
Gathers my dreams in clouds of steam
And scatters in puffs of laughter
You whisper as if it matters


Kileahloha written by Mark Ransom
Another day in paradise the waves are crashin on the beach
Song-bird singin out a melody so sweet oh so sweet
I can hear the trade winds beginnin to blow
The ocean boils as the sleeping giant snores
Here comes the rain here comes the rain

Kilealoha I want to go
Where the skies are full of rainbows
And the beaches are made of gold
Kilealoha I want to know
How can the rain feel like sunshine
Shinin on my soul?

High upon a mountain above this garden isle
I lay and wait for my goddess-bride
To bring me back to life before the daylight hides
She calls upon Kahuna and gods far and wide
To work some ancient magic suspend the sun up in the sky
She saves me from the night she saves me from the night


First Impressions written by Mark Ransom and Collen Cordis
She got the pretty eyes got the pretty style
She got the funkiness she’s my kind of lady
She got the pretty eyes got the pretty style
She got the funkiness she’s my kind of lady

She says she’ll never leave me
And I’m all right with that in my life
I’ve got a lot of satisfaction
And he says why the hell are you so lucky?
I give it up to the Universe
And she rains down all around me.

[Colleen’s parts]

Now this world’s tough
And I don’t believe in fighting
Yeah we all got to die someday
That’s the way I guess it’s ok
But you best not say I shouldn’t die
Fighting for what I love


The Funky Jacket written by Eric Ransom
Platform shoes and a polyester suit
Gold chains to spare
When i’m disco dancin
Everybody beter watch on out
People on the dance floor beware

I got the jacket that funky funky jacket
I got the jacket i’ve had it for a while
I got the jacket that funky funky jacket
I got the jacket it’ll never go out of style

Me and my lady we’re gonna step it on out tonight
Got the camaro ready to roll
Gonna have a good time gonna let it all hang out
It might just get out of control

Disco ball spinnin around the room
Spotlight shinin down on me
Strobelite flashin all around my head
I’m wearin the jacket so everyone can see


Bullet Train written by Mark Fesche and Mark Ransom
He wears a neck tie bolted to the wall
Tells me what i’m doin wrong whenever he’s at fault
Calls me at night time with the line around his throat
Accuses me of his crime i never get to unload

Oh he gives me a headache
That would kill a weaker man
I’ve got a load on my shoulders
That would stop a bullet train

She chain smokes chain talks changed both of her names
After the divorce she stays addicted to her games
Cuts down the trees to improve her twisted view
Employs her guilt whenever i have to choose


Ain't No Use written by Mark Ransom
I was only nineteen when I met you
And I didn’t have a clue
I’d still be singing this song to you
All these years you’ve been by my side
Fillin up the emptiness inside
That can’t hide without you
No I can’t hide without you

My cup is full for the time
And you can fill it before it’s empty
Lets drink and sing to true love in the end
There ain’t no use in tryin too hard now
No there ain’t no use in tryin too hard now

I wish that I could open up my heart
And let the sun shine in feel your smile again
Warm summer rain and wind blowin through me
Like a long lost friend and I wish that things were
different than they’ve been cause I can’t seem
to live without you I don’t know how
There ain’t no use in trying too hard now
No there ain’t no use in trying too hard now
No there ain’t no use in trying too hard now

The wise men say when love goes away
It’s like a like a river from a spring
You gotta let your soul sing
got to kick back and let it sing


Ain't Over Yet written by Mark Ransom
In the beginning we were searching for meaning
In the stars and the moon and everything
Don’t you know we had a good thing
And enough to keep us hungry
For the laughter and the love of living
In the beginning we were destined to be saved
By the god of our optimism
But you up and left and you didn’t hide your regrets
as salvation came to me
You were met with tremendous success
And it ain’t over yet!

In the beginning there was method to our madness
Compassion for the sadness and the joys of the world
But a city full of good stuff could never fill you up
And the clowns downtown were startin to bug
In the beginning there was bright light on sunshine
No shadows no rain no pain to bring us down
the landlords they still love this little town
And the pub is full of zealots
Cursin’ all the capitalists
And it ain’t over yet!

The fellas from the old gang didn’t want to hang
So I see a lot of faces and I hear a lot of new names
Danny moved to Maui says he likes sippin rum
The Kula rhythm playin his congas in the sun
steady Eddie got burned by another gypsy woman
He says Mexico’s like mysticism
And my cousin’s got kids in the American heartland
And law school’s something I could never understand
Maybe the plan is best to forget
Cause it ain’t over yet!


Thinktank written by Mark Ransom
i met a man at the station today
he had a rolex watch a ferarri for a car
hurry it up he said can’t you see i’m late?
why do you hessitate?
fill it up with whatever it takes
and try to cut the happy crap dude
i said i’m sorry sir but i don’t know you
and i don’t like your attitude
no i don’t like your attitude

lots of people runnin around
they’ve got angry eyes
head man said it again
it’s high time we digest our pride
got a situation and it’s ringing trough loud and clear
take a poll mr dole if it ain’t love it’s fear
this election year


did you read the news today?
did you get your fix along the way?
i heard they gott a man
shot a man down for being around
did you hear what the people say?
they say i saw his guilty hands
i heard they tried a man
brought a man down before he could stand

hey now bartender
won’t you please bring me a beer
it’s been a long long week
it’s been a longer year
won’t you tell me if i’ve been here too long
she said you ain’t the piano man
and i ain’t pourin drinks in a song


i’ve been talkin the talk
but i never learned to crawl
playin some prophesy
while the melody lead the seat of the soul
i called up the captain
cause the eyes of the world were blind
and he said whatcha gonna do when that
long distance runner’s out of time?



Never Blind written by Mark Ransom
The air is thick and the streets are full of peaceful pride
Friendly smiles meet us eye to eye and my baby she’s alright

I'm looking out across the red china skyline
They’re trying to rebuild what mao let die
They’re lips are wet with the sweet taste of freedom
And they’re hearts they’re hearts were never blind

Mamma doesn’t like the food they sell and
The stagnant air intensifies the smell
The heat on the street is beating me down to the ground
But with my baby you could never tell she’s doing so well

I am the west to them: my eyes my hair my money and my wife
Mamma wears western dresses confesses she likes
Diamonds and red wine and my little girl is one of theirs
But she’s hers and she’s mine


Peace Song written by Mark Ransom
you’ve got to give peace
peace is in your heart
yeah you’ve got to give peace
it doesn’t matter where you start
peace is in your heart
peace is in your heart

when the sun doesn’t shine anymore
and darkness surrounds you
you’re the one who can unlock the door
feel the light shinin through
right through you


cry me a river for the sufferin i see
and let me wash away my sins
deliver me downstream with dignity
and clense my soul with compassion


and if i get political
remind me of what’s critical
impeach me for my principles
and plant my roots again