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Mark Ransom - "Champion of Mystery"

Mark Ransom - ChampionChampion of Mystery is the fourth CD from Mark Ransom and his first “concept” album. Putting the cart before the horse in a sense, Ransom has created a soundtrack and storyline to be adapted into a screenplay for film or modern Musical. The songs depict the life and times of Willy Bova: a modern hero who, depending upon perspective, either just went crazy, or perhaps saw the true nature of things, and tried desperately to share his understanding with the world.

This CD is laden with allusion to the post counter-culture of the American West (both lyrically and musically). We find ourselves compassionate for the plight of this mythic figure, and wonder if he was exiled from his mid-western roots (as he claims), or if he left by choice—seeking enlightenment in the high-country of Colorado, Utah, Northern California and Oregon.

As with Ransom’s other CDs the songwriting here is philosophical, poetic, organic and rooted in the acoustic experience. Beyond his previous work however, the grooves are deeper, the bass and drums more thumping and funky. All of this provides a solid backdrop for what is clearly Mark’s most melodic guitar work to date...

Check out songs from Champion of Mystery: Life is Good, First Impressions, and The Funky Jacket available for download in MP3 format (right click on the link and choose Save As to download to your hard drive).

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